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Cosmic Fusion Necklace

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Fused together in the shallow oceans, This piece was meticulously hand carved on both sides and cast into solid sterling silver, set with boulder opal, freshwater pearls, rubies and soldered onto a heavy ornate sterling silver chain.

Materials: Solid Sterling Silver, Freshwater pearls and Boulder Opal 
In different light, this opal will shimmer with different colours. 

The word 'opallus' slowly evolved into 'opalus', a Latin word expression meaning 'precious stone'. Opal is thought to help bring light and love into your life. Since boulder opal can display a wide array of colors, it possesses a range of healing abilities.
Some ancient cultures believed that opal had fallen from the sky's during thunderstorms, others believe opals inspire their wearers with the gift of foresight,  ancient wisdoms and good health. 
Overall opal is one of the most transfixing stones in the universe. 

H – 77mm
W – 76mm
D – 18mm

Chain length

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Additional information
Each piece of Megan Moss jewellery is handcrafted in my studio, Australia.
All pieces are created from jeweller’s wax and sent to my local casters to be formed into metal. Once the pieces are returned, They are cleaned and delicately hand finished by me. 


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