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About Megan Moss


Designing and creating beautiful pieces of art is an essential part of who I am. 

My desire is to create a world of serene escapism through each handcrafted piece and share these unique pieces with my tribe. For me, what I do and create is such a personal experience for not only myself but for those who I am lucky enough to share these pieces with.

I dream up and create pieces that inspire and allow me to share my adoration for nature. These pieces are a raw expression of me and my vision of our connectedness with our earth.

 Each piece holds a little earth magic and should allow each member of my tribe to connect through our love of nature, people and beauty.

Every single piece holds their own history which speak volumes of their creation, purpose and symbolic meaning. Jewellery can be worn as armour. It is an expression of one’s self and is art for the body and mind.

You can contact me directly by emailing ~

I am currently working from my home studio, but I love meeting up with my tribe! So don't be shy, send me a message and we can make a time to meet.

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