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About Megan Moss
Designing and creating beautiful pieces of art is an essential part of who I am. I dream up designs that inspire and allow me to share my adoration for nature. These pieces are a raw expression of me and my vision of our connectedness with one another and the earth.

I have created a range of jewellery that is ready to wear and made to order. Many designs are inspired by nature, our ancient makers and stories from Roman and Greek mythology. My main passion is to connect and design unique customised jewellery such as engagement and wedding rings. Also, for ones who would like to carry with them a personalised talisman of strength, beauty, wonder and magic. Sacred pieces that have been carefully carved out in collaboration with my clients. These designs hold great symbolic meaning and are healing for the individual wearers, but also for myself as It gives me so much joy when I am making these pieces. It’s a perfect exchange of love and creation. 

I believe that art is healing to the soul. It is my absolute honour to be able to create designs and healing modalities for people, not only to admire but to wear and pass down for generations. My desire is to create an interactive experience that leaves everyone feeling inspired.

Each piece holds a little earth magic. I combine ethically found curiosities and ancient lost wax carving techniques to build many of my designs. All jewellery is made from precious stones and metals.

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