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Siren Necklace (Gold Plated)


Siren Dimensions
H – 40mm
W – 10mm
D – 5mm

Chain length

Sterling silver & 18ct yellow gold plated.

Please read ~ About gold plated jewellery
Gold plating is a process where a very fine layer of gold is bonded onto a base metal. My base metals are always sterling silver. 

Gold plated jewellery offers a budget-friendly option to buying pure gold jewellery BUT is only ideal for jewellery you do not plan to wear on a daily basis. So please keep in mind that gold plating is only a surface treatment that will wear away over time and is only recommended for wearing on special occasions. However, your jewellery can be replated at a low cost. To organise re plaiting of your jewellery, contact

As with all things, there are drawback to choosing gold plated jewellery. Tarnishing, fading, and replating are common issues you will encounter.

By taking proper care of gold-plated jewellery, you can extend its life and keep it bright and beautiful. Here are some steps to take:

  • Keep gold plated jewellery away from chemicals, oil’s and makeup. It is a good idea to always put on your plated jewellery last, after applying makeup, hairspray and perfumes. When doing chores, take off gold plated jewellery as the chemicals in soaps, detergents and cleaners can impact the plating.
  • Do not expose gold plated jewellery to chlorinated or salty water. This means taking off the jewellery before swimming in pools, hot tubs, or the sea.
  • Body oils and sweat can impact gold plating. To counter this, wipe the jewellery down or clean it frequently to get rid of these pollutants.
  • Avoid any harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners. Avoid brushing or rubbing the plated jewellery, as this can expose the metal below.
  • Keep gold plated jewellery from rubbing and friction as this will cause the piece to wear down quickly. This can happen when you layer gold plated jewellery, and they rub against each other. It is best to wear the piece of jewellery by itself.

Customer Care

Additional information
Each piece of Megan Moss jewellery is individually handcrafted in Victoria Australia. Please allow up to 4 weeks for production. If you are wanting an item by a certain date, please let me know prior to purchasing. 
For any variations in metals or stones, please email to discuss your wishes further. All modifications can affect production timelines and pricing.

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